Are you ready to say YES to marriage for the second time?

Life doesn’t always turn out how we plan.  You never planned on getting divorced and consequently you never dreamed about a second marriage.  But here you are, wanting to move forward and get married again.  Problem is, because your first marriage didn’t turn out how you hoped, this time you have so much fear and trepidation about it.

How do you know your not going to make another mistake?  How do you know that he won’t change like your first husband did?

I want you to fully enjoy this stage in your life and experience all the joy and happiness that comes with an engagement and a new marriage and not spend all your time fretting about the past or the future.  I want you to feel confident in your ability to create the exact life you want to create with your new husband.

Through my private coaching program, I will teach you how to:

  • Gain control of your fear of failure, fear of another broken heart and fear that you may be making yet another mistake.
  • Have courage in your ability to blend your life with his after being independent, socially, emotionally and financially for so long.
  • Come to recognize when it is a help or a hindrance to compare your ex with your future husband.
  • Love your body, even though time and having children may have changed it.
  • Learn to trust that you will know how to blend two families and create a unified, safe place for each member of the family.
  • Navigate your anxiety around sex, money and more.
  • Restore your faith in the power of true love and know that you are deserving and capable of experiencing it in your future marriage.

What you have to look forward to and how all the magic happens:

  • I have designed a program tailor made for your individual needs.
  • Over the course of the next three months we will meet for 8 private coaching   sessions.  Each session will last for 50- 60 minutes. The first three sessions are done consecutively, one session per week.  Then they will switch to biweekly sessions.
  • You have access to my calendar to schedule all 8 of your sessions.
  • Each session is done via Zoom Video conference call.
  • Email access to me for anything that comes up in-between sessions
  • Notes from each session.  I want you to be fully present during each session.    Yes taking notes can be helpful, but I will do most of that for you.
  • Knowing that someone has your back and is looking out for you.  I am constantly thinking about my clients and wondering what would be most helpful for them.  In-between sessions, you will often receive any extra insight or videos I think will be helpful for you.

Let’s Do This!

Don’t waste any more time living with fear and insecurity about getting married again.  It’s time to enjoy this season in your life.  You can never get it back.  Click this link and let’s make it happen!

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