Are you ready to feel more certain that your marriage will last?


You made it through a divorce, single life, and even had the courage to say yes to another marriage. And yet here you are, facing totally unexpected challenges in a second marriage… perhaps even questioning if you can really make this work.


It’s totally normal that you’re feeling this way.  Let’s be honest, there are so many dynamics in a second marriage: stepchildren, ex’s, in-laws, ex-in-laws, custody, finances, religion, intimacy…just to name a few!

Do you ever…

  • feel panicked, wondering that you’ve made another mistake?
  • feel overwhelmed at how to blend your lives (not to mention the kids)?
  • wish he could love your kids the way you do (or feel guilty that you don’t feel the same about his)?
  • lack confidence you can actually do this? 

The fear of what might happen if you never get this figured out can send you into a tailspin of worry and panic.


Second Marriage Masters is a self-guided coaching program for women who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who have remarried again after a divorce.  I know you have a vision of what you’d like your relationship with your husband to be and how the perfect family unit would look, and I know exactly how to help you get there.


Second Marriage Masters is how you can go from feeling hopeless and frustrated to connected and certain that you have not made another mistake and you can actually make your marriage and family exactly what you want it to be.


With some careful planning, practical tools you have never even heard or considered, you will learn the HOW of a loving and connected family and marriage.  I’m not talking about the “live the gospel” answers. I’m talking about legit tools, principles, and practices that you can put into place.


  • A life free of panic.
  • A life where you no longer worry that you have made a mistake and that you will have to try and recover from another broken heart and home. 
  • A marriage full of the love and connection you long for.
  • Imagine if you just knew exactly how to blend your two families and create a unified safe place for everyone.
  • Imagine how it will feel to love his children like your own and not be disappointed in the way he treats your children.
  • Just imagine knowing exactly what to do when you have different opinions about your kids, money, sex, and more.  
  • Imagine how great it will be to know that nothing has gone wrong!

The Details:

Second Marriage Masters is an 8 module program. Each module includes instructional videos and self-coaching guides. Ideally, you would complete one module a week and focus on implementing it.  

Email access to me, your coach, Heather Rackham.

Ideally, you would do one module a week for 8 weeks. So, for 8 weeks after you purchase the course, I consider you my client and I want you to consider me your coach. You get email access to me during that time! I’m here for you.

Are you ready? I am!


 Second Marriage Masters is only offered twice a year; in the spring and in the fall.  Enrollment is limited in each session, So don’t wait to sign up! Just imagine how it will feel to no longer stress and worry all the time.  Imagine feeling certain in your future and connected to your husband. This is the best gift you could give yourself, and your husband. Gift yourself these three months and you will be giving yourself the certainty, confidence, and love you desire.


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