Exclusive Free Video:  Fear Is Not A Sign

Many women believe they would NOT be so afraid to get getting married again if it was the right thing to do.
But nothing could be farther from the truth.

 Find out why in this free video.

There Is So Much Fear. You Worry That:

< You might be making another mistake.

< You won’t be able to trust again.

< It won’t be possible to blend two families.

< You won’t know if it is the right thing for you.

What You Will Learn In This Free Video:

< Why your fear does not mean that you are making the wrong choice.

< The one thing that no one is telling you about the possibility of yet another broken heart.

< How to enjoy your engagement rather than letting the fear and anxiety take over.

Who Is Heather Rackham?

I am a marriage coach who specializes in helping women who are members of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, overcome their fear of getting married again so they can confidently say “YES” to marriage for the second time.

What others have said:

  • I loved so many things in it. I enjoyed applying things I already knew but needed a nudge to ACT. And as difficult as it can be it is empowering and more joyful to realize my responsibility in making my life the way I want it.

    Aubrey B.
  • I'm just so overwhelmed with meeting you andhaving you as my coach. It truly has been a god-send to me and I feel you are an earth angel, come to rescue at just the right time.

    Laura K.
  • I enjoyed it so so much. I completely clicked with everything you said. I knew I was hearing truth.  I have been telling everyone I’ve talked to about it! I cant help it. Don't you think everyone needs this information?? Its so good.    

    Gretchen C

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