Free Coaching

I save room in my coaching schedule to do two free mini sessions a week and I want one of them to be you.  In 20-30 minutes I will teach you at least one tool that will increase your love and excitement level in your marriage and help build a strong foundation for the future.

Frequent Mini Session Concerns

Why should I sign up for a mini session?

  • I want to give you some free help. Really I do!
  • I want to give you one tool you can walk away with and use daily
  • You can come experience what coaching is
  • Come see if you like my style of coaching
  • Let me see if I can even help you if you are interested in more
  • Come see that it is a safe space to talk

Is this for me?
Absolutely! My free mini sessions are for anyone! Even if you aren’t engaged or newly-wed. Sign up. Anyone can benefit from doing a free mini session.

Why is it free?
I believe in what I am doing so much that I want everyone to have the chance to see what it is about. My goal in a mini session is that you hang up the phone and feel strong and empowered for spending the last 30 minutes with me. That’s it. The End! Now, at the end of our session, if you are interested in hearing how you can work with me further, then I can fill you in on all the details. But let me be very clear: THERE IS NO PRESSURE OR OBLIGATION BY COMING TO THIS CALL!

You live in Idaho and I don’t. How can we possibly work together?
This is the best part. All of my sessions, including free mini sessions, are done over the phone. It’s a simple phone call. You schedule your appointment by accessing my calendar and then I call you on the day/time of your session. Doesn’t get much better than that…sitting in your pj’s, on your own couch, learning how to find more joy and happiness in your marriage.

Will I feel nervous talking to a stranger?
My clients have found it so helpful to work with someone they don’t know. It feels like a safe place learn and to express feelings or struggles. You may be nervous about saying things out loud that you have never said to anyone. Maybe you’re afraid you will be embarrassed. Don’t worry. I’ve got you. Most people don’t know me and they are scared, but they take the leap.

What those who took the leap and did a session are saying:

  • I would recommend it! There's something about talking out loud about your problems to another person who is not biased and will not judge you. I was surprised by how much I learned about myself and how my thoughts really do lead to my feelings, actions, and results.

    Natalie F.
    Natalie F.
  • Heather really helped me understand how to differentiate between what is actually happening and the crazy story my brain creates that usually isn't true.

    Mel M.
    Mel M.
  • I learned a lot about myself, especially that I had thoughts or ideas about marriage that weren't healthy for me or our marriage. I didn't know that I really even had them before our sessions, so it was really interesting for me to explore these ideas.

    Allison A.
    Allison A.

I’m here for you my friend!

My main goal is to be an interrupter. An interrupter of the darkness, frustration and sadness that arises in marriages. Are you coming? You will be so happy you did.

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