Eternal Marriage 101

A Foundational Course On Marriage For Women and Couples With Christlike Values

At the end of this course you will have learned tools in these specific areas plus other tools you are personally in need of. To be clear: This is an online course but you also receive private sessions. The private sessions are tailor made for you and your specific needs as an individual or a couple!

  • “Choose your love, love you choice”. Learn the CTFAR Model. This is a tool that helps solve any problem. It basically makes personal problem solving like a mathematical equation and will positively impact all areas of your life. This is a game changer.
  • The Marriage Manual: We often wish that people came with manuals. Guess what, they do. You have created a manual for everyone you know. Find out how this manual can create anything BUT happiness in your marriage and what you can do to throw away your Marriage Manual.
  • Emotional Adulthood: We grow up dreaming about the person we will one day marry. Most of us think and dream that our future spouse is going to make us so happy! Guess what? That isn’t possible. No one can make you happy. Only you can. Best News Ever!!! Learn why.
  • Achieving your goals and financial success: Here you are at the start of a brand new life together. You have hopes and dreams. What are they and how do you achieve them?
  • Unconditional Love and embracing the hardships in life. There are things we have control of and things that seem to happen to us. Learn how loving people and those uncontrollable circumstances is not just a good suggestion but very possible.
  • Intimacy in marriage. We think this part is going to be easy. But growing up in an LDS environment often leaves us with some beliefs that can make it difficult to enjoy this foundational part of marriage. We will tap into your beliefs about sex and discover how to help you create the intimate relationship that your Heavenly Father and Mother want you to have.

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Eternal Marriage 101 ~ A foundational course on marriage for women and couples with Christlike values. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I teach from that perspective.  (see below for complete course details)


Best format ever! Classes are whenever you want them to be. You will receive one class a week for six weeks. Each class comes with approximately 45-50 minutes of video, cheat sheets and some exercises to really uplevel your experience.

This is where the magic happens: Each pre-marriage course also comes with two private marriage coaching sessions that are approximately 40-50 minutes long. These private sessions enable you to get very individualized help and guidance. For your convenience, you will have access to my calendar to schedule your own private sessions.


In your pj’s, on your couch, in your bed, lunch break…anywhere
because it’s on line and the private sessions are all done through video calls.


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regular price is $299.00


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RSVP Deadline:

Because I want to offer my clients the best private coaching experience, I limit my course enrollment. You have a seat in this course once you have purchased the course. Once I have reached my client limit, enrollment will be closed and you can be put on a waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Is this only for engaged people?
Absolutely not! Anyone can benefit from these foundational tools. Whether your not engaged and just want to be prepared or have been married for a long time…these tools bring so much happiness and joy.
My daughter is getting married. Marriage was so hard for me. I want to help my daughter get off to a better start. Can I buy this course for her?
This would be the best gift a mother could give her daughter, or the best gift anyone could offer to someone they love.
How often do you do your courses?
Because this course comes with private coaching and I want my clients to have the best possible coaching experience, I do limit enrollment to 20 individuals or couples. If I am full, you can be put on my waiting list and I will let you know as soon as a spot opens up. Spots do fill up.
What if I have questions in between the sessions?
You will have email access to me during the week. Bring me all your questions and thoughts.
How will I remember everything we talked about?
I will send you recordings of each private coaching session. Often listening to these sessions again is mind blowing and you catch things you missed the first time.
Is this course only members of The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?
No, No and No. I do coach from and this perspective but that does not mean that our sessions are centered around the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My clients just like knowing that I understand their background and beliefs.
Can I bring my fiancé or spouse?
Absolutely! Come alone or do this together. How fun would that be to have him along. My husband would have never done this with me. So do it alone if he isn’t interested. That’s totally OK!
What if I decide I want more then two private sessions?
I will totally make more sessions available to you if you decide you would like a little more VIP help.

What those who took the leap and did a session are saying:

  • I think the best part of this course for me was learning the model and running through examples with you. I felt really comfortable opening up to you and felt like that really helped me to get the most out of it. I always really loved how each meeting built on the last one. I felt like I was progressing each session. I have learned so much. I would rate it a 10. I have never done any thing like this before, but I felt like I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was very dependable. You always called on time. And each time was very worth while and I always felt like I learned something and it really impacted the way that I thought.

    Madison C.
    Madison C.
  • I learned so many things about myself! The course really encouraged me to take an honest look at what goes on behind my thoughts and choices. I'd always look forward to our Wednesday conversations! I never felt like I was giving a dumb answer or saying something bad during our conversations. I appreciated that I could be completely honest and open.

    Laurie B.
    Laurie B.

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