Sex and Remarriage

I saw a funny COVID meme last week that went something like this, “if there is a baby boom in 9 months, it will be a boom of first children.” This made me laugh so hard. Many of us [...]

Be The Certain

I am hearing the word UNCERTAIN everywhere I turn. I have used it myself. Think about how you feel with you say, “Everything is so uncertain right now.” Does it open you up or shut [...]

Dolphins and Decisions

I was sitting in the back of our two seater sea kayak this morning. My youngest daughter riding in front of me and my other two daughters in another kayak. As we paddled through the mangroves we [...]

Truly You

Who are you when no one is looking? I read a comment on facebook the other day. This particular mom had recently gone through a divorce and she said, “People keep telling me to just be me, [...]

Have you been blinded?

Who has ever compared themselves to someone else? The better question would probably be: Who has NEVER compared themselves with another person? I don’t think that anyone is free from this. [...]


I love doing free mini-coaching calls. I get to talk to people all over the country. I have the best job in the world. I get to help people find relief from the pain in their life. I get to help [...]

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