Self-Confidence Part 1

I was sitting at my dest doing a coaching session with one of my clients this week. She shared with me that she has a co-worker that can really “push her buttons”. She can say things, [...]

Relationship Boundaries

When a women wants to get married again, a lot of fear rises up. Can you relate? You are human. You have been hurt. The fear is going to happen. Your brain is just trying to keep you safe. One of [...]

No One Is Attractive

I remember watching the Twilight movies way back when. If you don’t know what those movies are, it was a series of movies based on novels about a love triangle between a human girl, a [...]

Anger With God

As I said my morning prayer, I realized that I have been angry with God. It was a subtle feeling of anger. My relationship with God had felt a little off lately but I couldn’t quite put my [...]

Designer Body

It has been 6 years since we moved into our house out here in Kuna, Idaho. I spent hours designing our home. I wanted my kitchen to function in certain ways, so I designed it accordingly. I [...]

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