When Something Is Complete

Blogging has become a staple for me the last couple of years.

It’s crazy to see that I have 140 posts!

It has taught me so many things about myself.

I have learned how to move forward when I feel stuck.

I have learned how to overcome my fear of other people’s judgements.

I have learned what it means to honor a commitment to myself. I committed to posting every week. With maybe 2 or 3 exceptions, I have not missed.

I learned that I am the one who creates my ideas and I know where to go in my brain when I need to get the juices flowing.

I learned that I am guided.  I have the skill set to do anything alone, but when I partner with God, it is so much better.

I have learned to trust my inner voice and proceed with the things I feel inspired to do, even when other people may tell me differently.

I have created a business Heather Rackham Coaching.  I like to refer to it as my “little tiny baby business.”  It is exactly what I want it to be and I love it so much.

I have created a group coaching program in my “little baby business”. It’s AMAZING and most of my focus goes to the members of that group and to my one on one clients. 

I have also learned that things come in to our lives for a reason. And when it is time to call something “complete” I will know.

That said, I am trusting my inner voice and following my heart and know that my weekly blogging posts are complete.  I have completed that commitment to myself.  

People have asked, “Your info is so helpful, where can I continue to find your content?”

  • Second Marriage Matters— This is a free monthly class that I offer the third Tuesday of each month. We are having so much fun there. Come join me.
  • Instagram–Lots of quick inspiring info and tools posted here weekly.
  • What If Wednesday– What if there were tools you have never heard off that can help you create a life and marriage better then you thought was possible? Guess what, there is, and each Wednesday I drop those tools straight in your inbox. Simply reply to this email with a YES PLEASE, and I will make sure you get them.
  • This Blog!– I am not turning my back on this space. I love my little baby blog. I will continue to create new content here, just not consistently each Friday.
  • Second Marriage Masters–My amazing group coaching program. I am running my first round right now and the next session will start in the fall.
  • Private Coaching — Oh there is a special place in my heart for my private coaching clients. If you want some one on one help, this is your place. Click the link for a free online mini session to try it out and see if I’m a good fit for you.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me! It has been and will continue to be a life- changing journey.

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