Don’t let Panic and Fear Drive Your Car

This is such an interesting time. It is like someone pushed the pause button on one of our old CD players. The CD is still spinning, but no music is playing. The days are passing by (kind of slowly) but nothing is really happening. We are just in a holding pattern.

Like many of you, I am finding myself reevaluating some of my future plans and goals and wondering how to proceed.

But let me tell you what we don’t want to have happen.

We don’t want to let our lower brains go crazy right now. The lower brain is the part of our brain that, that if not monitored, can have your stomach tied in knots and make you think that your life is never going to look the same again.

You know how I know this isn’t helpful? Look at the things you do when you think that everything is going terribly wrong. When you think this you panic and when you panic you make rash decisions. Your brain spirals out of control in all the areas. You think about everything that could possibly go wrong and then everything really does go terribly wrong in your brain.

Nothing has gone wrong when you feel this panic. Your brain is actually doing exactly what it is wired to do. It is just trying to protect you, but it is just a little confused. It thinks that telling you all the bad things will somehow keep you safe from COVID19 or that panic will make the toilet paper supply increase. Panic will not do that my friends. In fact, it has been my experience that panic actually increases your need for toilet paper (if you know what I mean).

No one likes the feeling of panic. We want to try and do anything to make it stop. We think that eating all the treats, making all the foods, watching all the shows will make the panic stop. Yes it will give you something to do and it will give you some small temporary relief as you get a dopamine hit of pleasure, but it does not deal with the thoughts that create the panic.

Did you catch that. I didn’t say, “It does not deal with the social distancing, or lack of toilet paper.” I sad, it does not deal with the THOUGHTS that create the panic.

Panic is a feeling. And all feelings are created by our thoughts. ALWAYS.

COVID19 can’t scare you. Food shortage can’t scare you. Social isolation can’t make you panic. It is what is going on in your head that is causing the fear and panic.

I am not saying that you don’t want to feel fear right now. I am not saying that you don’t want to feel panic and anxiety. I am just saying that we need to learn to sit with those feelings and allow them.

Let panic and fear just come along for the ride right now. But don’t let them in the driver seat. If you try and push them out of the car, it will only bring on more emotions that you don’t like. If you try and push them away, you will get short tempered and yell and then you will feel guilt or shame. If you try and push it away, you will get consumed with quieting those voices and then you don’t have time to make connections with your children or spouse and then you feel disconnected.

See before you know it, you are feeling panic, fear, shame, disconnection and the list will keep growing. But if you could just say, “Howdy panic. Hello fear. Your still here today. You can join me but you don’t get to drive” then you are not inviting the other negative emotions to jump in the car with you as well.

Buckle up friends. This is a wild ride. Wild rides can be exciting too. They don’t have to be scary. They can be adventurous as well.

I am here for you. If you are reading this blog, I consider myself your life coach. Whether you wanted a life coach or not you’ve got one in me. Let’s do some coaching in person together. Sign up for a free coaching call. No sales. No pressure. Just 100% coaching. On any subject or about anything you are struggling with.

I got coached by my coach on Wednesday morning. I woke up with my brain basically derailing all of my future goals and plans. After 20 minutes with my coach, I was back on track with a fresh perspective and feeling empowered and certain.

Sending you all my love and the link to schedule a free session with me.

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