Dolphins and Decisions

I was sitting in the back of our two seater sea kayak this morning.

My youngest daughter riding in front of me and my other two daughters in another kayak.

As we paddled through the mangroves we saw a couple of Manatee and an alligator (that actually turned out to be a pipe :).

The trail through the mangroves was very well marked so we knew where to go. At one area you could skirt through the growth and enter into a small bay.

We paddled into the bay, and then we all just quit paddling. It was wide open water. We didn’t know where to go. We had been told we could see dolphins in this bay. But where? So we sat there, looking at the water and we didn’t even try to find the dolphins.

We had so many choices in where we could go, yet we didn’t go anywhere.

After sitting and looking around, we turned back towards the mangrove path where there were no decisions to be made. All we had to do was paddle and look for wildlife.

Decisions! Why are they so hard? Yet, no decisions is a decision. It is a choice towards in-action. It is a choice towards non-growth. We could have seen dolphins, but we didn’t make a decision. We sat and then turned back.

When it comes to personal growth, where do you turn?


There are a million self-help books.

Podcasts galore.

Spiritual leaders.

Social media influencers.

Life coaches.

Self-help programs.

It’s like entering a big open bay in a kayak to look for dolphins and then turning back because there was too much wide open space to start.

We never saw dolphins because we made a decisions not to make a decision and move forward.

We will never see growth if we don’t start somewhere. We will keep getting the same results in our life because we just keep doing the same things.

We will never strengthen our marriages because we don’t pick up a book or take that marriage course all because we think, “I don’t even know where to start.”

I don’t know what you need in your life. But I know you need something. We all need something.

But I do know this:

Not starting is choosing to stay exactly where you are.

I have a new group coaching program, Second Marriage Masters.

It may be exactly what you need. It may not. If it even sounds like something you could benefit from, make a decision. Apply.

If it doesn’t, don’t give it a second thought but look to something else that will be helpful to you.

There is something out there that is exactly what you need and you might not even know it.

Pick up that book. Listen to that podcast. Find an on-line class, join a group coaching program.

Make a decision.

It is the only way to see what you have been missing out on.

It is the only way to find the dolphins.

And just in case you need some direction, check out my new program. The first round participants are in for an extra amazing adventure. But hurry, deadline is approaching!

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