How to remove the Comparison Blinders

Last week I wrote about comparing ourselves to others and how being trapped in that cycle is blinding you from being able to see your greatness. I want to just copy once again the impression I received for myself.

“You know how you think she is doing so much better than you? You know how amazing she is at this? You’re right. You don’t do these things as well as she does.

But you also know that I don’t love her any more or any less then you. I have not given her any more talents then I have given you.

However great you perceive her talents to be, you have that same greatness, just in another area.

Stop spending your time focusing on your inability to be like her. It is taking away from your ability to find and focus on your greatness. You are missing out on you by focusing on her.”

I know how stuck you feel in this cycle.

You see mom’s that seem to have this step mom thing down.

You see women who are able to get along with their ex husband and not have any problems.

You wonder what is wrong with you.

I also know, like I mentioned last week, that this is slowing down your progression. It feels like it is in some way motivating you to do better. It is not.

But I’m pretty sure that you see you are not progressing. Your wheels are spinning like Wile E. Coyote but your not going anywhere.

So how do you stop it and take off the comparison blinders so you can really focus on you and your progression?

  • First, you must acknowledge that you are comparing. Awareness is the first step. And I want you to be aware of this with out judging yourself for doing it.

No more, “this is so stupid that you keep comparing yourself. You know better.”

Just let it be there. It’s like a person that rings your doorbell. You have no idea who it is so you don’t have any judgement about them. They are just a doorbell ringer.

Same as comparison. It’s a vibration in your body. It’s starting to “ring” through you. And it’s no big deal.

  • Second, once you open the door, and you identity who it is, remain neutral. It’s just a random person. You don’t know them at all so you have no feelings towards them. Keep comparison in that same category. Just a person standing at your door, lost and looking for direction.
  • Then you get decide whether or not you are going to let them enter your house. Is this comparison useful? Sometimes it is. But ONLY if you use at as a spring board for inspiration and not shame or guilt. By their fruits ye shall know them (Matthew 7:20). Does this lead to anything good?

If not, then turn this visitor away at the door. Literally say, “Thanks for coming today ‘comparison’. I wonder why you think its important to keep knocking on my door. But, I am not going to let you in.”

Close the door.

  • Now once you have done this, its important to be curious. Wonder what it is that you can do to increase your own confidence. Can we all agree. Comparison is a side effect of a lack of confidence? Sure enough is.

Where do you need more love and compassion for yourself? Where do you need to minister to you? How can you increase your own confidence?

“I know you’re saying, “I’ve been trying for years. And it just won’t stop.” Get some help! If I’m not the right fit for you, just ask me, I know hundreds of coaches with amazing tools to help you love you and stop blinding yourself with comparisons.

If your ready for some help, click the link below and let’s stop the painful comparison cycle!

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