Ensure You Get It Done! (goals part 3)

This is the third post in a series about setting and completing a goal in 2020. You may want to go back and read the previous blog posts linked here:

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I love to sew. In fact, last year (2019) I made a goal that I was not going to purchase any ready to wear clothing the entire year. If I wanted or needed something, I was going to sew it. I achieved that goal.

Some people thought I was trying to punish or deprive myself in someway. I would have never done it from a place of deprivation. Creativity and encouraging myself to spend time doing a hobby that I had put on the back shelf for far to long was my only motivation.

If I wasn’t going to buy any clothes, it meant that I got to make things that I would have never considered making before. One of those things was a sports bra.

Never before had I made a sports bra. And more specifically never before had a made something with straps like this one. Challenge was on.

I found my pattern, bought the fabric and got started.

When I sew, I break things down into bite-size pieces.  I decide how much I am going to accomplish during each sewing session. This keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. I look at the steps on the pattern, decide how many steps I can get done in each allotted sewing session.

Then I follow the pattern, step by step, only stopping when each decided upon goal is reached or until my sewing time is up for the day.

There isn’t any drama. There isn’t any, “I just don’t have time” because it is already schedule. Before I know it, it’s done.

This same method for getting my sports bra done will help you get your Big 2020 Goal done as well.

There is one difference though. When I sew, I follow a pattern that tells me step by step what I should do. For your big goal, you probably don’t have a step by step guide. So, you are going to make one.

Take 15 minutes, grab a pen and paper and brainstorm all the steps, start to finish, what it will take to complete your goal. You need to allow things like research, time to think, gathering materials, etc. Be over the top detailed in what you are going to need to do.

Once you have this list, decide now how much time you are going to allow for each item on your list.

Here is a snippet of my list of things that need to be done in order to write my book this year:

  • Research: read a book on how to write a book–read 1 hour a day until the book is done
  • Brainstorm: read through past blog posts and gather anything that pertains to my book topic–2 hours
  • Interview 3 people who have written a non-fiction book–1 hour to find these authors and 30 minutes alotted to visit with each author.

Continue on with this list until it has everything that you forsea you will need to do to get it done.

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by this list. It is just math: 2+2=4. Getting everything done on this list will equal a finished goal. There is no overwhelm in that at all. They are manageable, bite sized pieces. Exactly like my sports bra, each strap was a manageable piece in the construction. I could do one strap at a time. That was easy.

You know how long you have allowed for each item, now grab your calendar and decide on a time frame for the completion of each thing. Take each individual step and put it on your calendar now. Schedule it like an appointment and keep that appointment with yourself.

Now throw away your list of things that need to be done. You don’t need it. You have each step on your calendar and you will get each step done. Each step will equal a finished goal.

Sports bra pattern: Greenstylecreations

Faric: The Fabric Fairy

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