Get It Done! (goals part 2)

A few years ago, I was backpacking with my family. My husband was way ahead with the more speedy children and our packing llamas. I was behind with a straggler. I began to think that perhaps I was on the wrong trail, but I wasn’t certain. Did I turn around, did I keep going? The child I was with would certainly whither if she had to hike one more step then necessary :).

I decided to stop and see if anyone else came. No one.

So I called my brother in laws name (he was the one I knew would have been closest behind me).


“Cody!!!” I called again.

I heard a faint, “What?” I indeed was on the wrong trail.

I turned around and redirected myself to the right path.

I was never afraid that I was in danger. I just knew I would end up doing a lot more work than necessary and my little companion could not handle it. It was helpful to have redirection and someone to tell me the proper path to take.

That is how I feel about this “Get it done” process that I am sharing with you today (which is a continuation of last week’s post).

If you missed last weeks post, you may want to pop over and read it here.

Is it a big deal not to know do these steps? No, you would maybe eventually get it done. Or maybe not at all.

Would it be a tragedy if you never achieved your Big Goal? Probably not.

Would it be nice, ABSOLUTELY!

Would you feel like a rock start? YES!

Who doesn’t want that?

Hopefully you have identified your big goal for the year. Remember, the word BIG can mean many different things. It doesn’t have to be something huge and time-consuming. It is merely something BIG in the fact that you did it.

Last week I had you identify your goal and your “why” for doing it.

This week I want you to look a little more at the “why”. Like I said, being very clear on the “why” will be the difference between DONE and NOT DONE.

So grab a pen and your journal and answer the following questions (I’m a huge fan of writing things down).

If you can’t sit down right now and do it, schedule a time to take 10 minutes to get it done.

Step 5: If you achieve this goal, what will it mean to you? I want you to really focus on you. It will be easy for you to include what it will mean to other people (your fiancé’, your new husband, children, step-children) and that is OK as long as you bring it back to what it will mean to you.

Example of 5: If I accomplish this goal, my step-children will really feel like I love them (this is about others). This means that I will really be doing something to create a feeling of love inside of me towards my new stepchildren (what it means for me).

Can you see the difference in that example? One is looking at how you think others will feel and the other is how you will feel.

Step 6: How do you feel when you imagine achieving this goal?

Step 7: What will be the same when you achieve it?

Step 6: What will be different when you achieve it?

Step 7: How will you need to change to become the person who has achieved this goal?

Now I want to teach you something very important. The feeling you are after once this goal is achieved, is the feeling you must tap into now in order to GET IT DONE.

Finding little ways to feel accomplished along the trail to your completed goal, is the key to a done goal.

This is the second post in a series about getting your BIG GOAL done in 2020.

First post: Big Goals!

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