Putting Your Needs Above Others

“You always put your needs above other people.”

I once wanted to be known as this person.

I don’t anymore.

I want to be the person who loves.

Love does not mean putting your needs above others.

It means knowing that you want to feel love.

But I have come to know that the only way I can feel love is to take care of me first.

It means that you love you.

You are going to take care of you.

You are going to make sure that your healthy, happy, fulfilled, entertained, in-control, safe, well rested, strong, etc, etc.

Somehow we started aspiring to caring for others more then ourselves.

I don’t believe this is happenstance.

It comes from a powerful force in the world. I believe that force to be Satan.

Why? Nothing would help throw society off track more than weak women. hen we put our needs below others, we actually weaken ourselves.

When we do that, we lose track of who we are.

We don’t even know what we enjoy doing.

We think it is shameful to even look for things that we want to do.

So we quite even looking inside ourselves to see what we like or want.

We quite doing, or never even started doing things that fill our own tank because we no longer know.

“Putting your needs above others” sounds noble, but I call it a “damming in disguise” phrase. It dams our progression.

We become less of what we can potentially be. We halt our progression to become our own unique self and force for good.

I am giving you permission not to put other peoples needs above your own.

You won’t even want to hear me say that.

You will think it isn’t christ-like to put your needs above others.

But it isn’t.

What isn’t Christ-like is not loving yourself enough to care for you and worry about one of God’s grandest creations.

Yes that is you! You are one of his grandest and greatest creations.

Putting your needs above others does not look how you might think it may look. You are probably imagining someone who blows everyone off and just does what they want to all the time.

This is not the person I am speaking of.

I am speaking of the person who has hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes, and isn’t afraid to go after those dreams. Isn’t afraid to even begin thinking of those dreams and then they actually make time in their lives to do the things that will make them uniquely them.

Those things go on your calendar first!

You will find something amazing happens when you take time for yourself first. You will feel yourself grow. You will feel your desire to show love for others grow. You will feel your desire to feel love grow. You will start to look for things that you can do to help others.

You won’t be putting their needs above yours. You actually just realized that feeling love for others becomes a stronger need for you. You need and want to feel more love for all the people. Your needs are met and magically, someone else’s needs are met to.

Put you first. Magic happens when you do.

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