Reindeer Poop and Overwhelm

I just finished putting “reindeer poop” in our Christmas Countdown stockings for the day.

Reindeer poop (aka bite size Charleston Chew’s) are the resident favorite around here.

And how is it possible that we could be yet another day closer to Christmas? Didn’t we just celebrate it yesterday?

Do you feel it? Do you feel the spirit of Christmas, or is it being over run by Christmas overwhelm?

I have the best tip for you today. I know you have a Christmas To-Do list that is a mile long and I want to help you throw it away and truely enjoy and feel the spirit of Christmas.

You ready?

1. Brainstorm. Grab that To-Do list and write every possible thing that you can think of that you will need/want to do during the month in the preparation and in celebration of Christmas.


Mine has things on it like: fill countdown calendar daily, create Christmas eve menu, make decisions on Christmas day menu, make a grocery list, grocery shopping, visit neighbors, make toffee, make gingerbread men, read books, watch Christmas movies, Christmas shop, figure out something to get my husband Lance for Christmas (ughhh), wrap presents, #lighttheworld, handmade gifts made–just to name a few things. (I’m already tired)

2. Get your calendar or planner (whether it’s on your phone or done on paper). Schedule your downtime and quiet moments with your family first! Your brain is going to freak out and tell you NO WAY. But do it. Then, make sure that your normal daily tasks and necessary things are pencilled in.

3. Now take your list of Christmas To-Do’s and one by one, schedule them on your calendar right now like they are an appointment. You’re going to need to estimate the time necessary to do each one and schedule them.

4. Throw away your T0-Do list. Seem Scary? It shouldn’t because everything you need to do is planned and on the calendar.

5. Take a deep breath and relax. Getting it down on paper, scheduled with dates and times, will always take away the stress because you begin to realize that you actually have plenty of time. So much of our time is wasted in worry that we will forget something or that we just don’t have enough time. This approach takes all of that needless worry away and actually creates more time.

And it eliminates the regret that we feel at the end of the holiday season when we think about all the time we didn’t spend with our family and got caught up in the busy work. You put that on the calendar first! You know there will be no regrets.

Your gonna have a whole bunch of questions on this. Your brain is going to want to tell you that this just isn’t possible to do, but I promise it is.

I also promise that when it comes time to do your scheduled things, especially the downtime and quiet time with our family, your brain is going to tell you that you should just do something else instead, maybe something that really needs to be done. DON’T LISTEN to your brain. Keep your commitments to yourself. I promise if you do, then you will have a much more joy-filled, less stressful holiday season.

You have all the power to make this season amazing and beautiful.

Merry Christmas Friends!

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