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It has been 6 years since we moved into our house out here in Kuna, Idaho.

I spent hours designing our home.

I wanted my kitchen to function in certain ways, so I designed it accordingly.

I wanted a large island that everyone could sit, eat and visit around.

I wanted a gas stove.

I wanted an apron front sink that would hold a lot of dishes.

I wanted a main floor with a basement. And on that main floor had to be everything I needed so I didn’t have to go in the basement if I didn’t want to.

I wanted a large dining room.

I wanted a large laundry room that also served as my sewing room.

I had definite opinions.

When the house was complete, I owned it. If I started noticing something I didn’t really like, I quickly erased the thought because I knew that I intentionally had it built that way.

What if you owned your body in the exact same way that I own up to designing my home?

Many of us spend time thinking about what our perfect body would look like. We just think we have to learn to deal with what we have been given. But I want to offer you a knew way of thinking about your body.

What if you just excepted your body as if you designed it! You designed everything about it for a certain reason, specifically for what you were going to want it to do in this life.

What if you knew you picked your stomach to look like it does?

What if you knew you had picked your eye color and hair?

What if you knew you designed your legs and thighs for the specific work you wanted them to do here?

I am not saying that we did, I’m just saying, why not choose to believe that?

How would your body image be different?

Try it!

Look at your arms. Decide that you designed them to be exactly the way they are. You wanted arms that could hold and love and care for all the humans around you. You wanted them to be fleshy and soft. You wanted them to age with time because you wanted proof that you had lived and worked hard.

Do this for every part of your body. Especially the parts that you might find hard to love.

Think about it? It’s possible that what you have is exactly how you wanted it to be! It was and is your very own custom designed body.

Own it.

Love it.

Next step? Schedule a free mini-coaching call with me. I want to show you how easy it can be to start unwinding the damaging thoughts you have about your body. No matter what stage you are in life, married, divorce, getting married again? Loving your body is imperative to finding peace, love and connection.

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