Dear Client

Did you catch my post last week on Body Manuals?

If not go read it here. It will give you a good foundation for this post.

Life can be a struggle.

It can feel like a wrestling match.

Most often that struggle is not physical. Even when we think it is physical (when we are battling weight or illness) it isn’t.

The battle is only in our head.

I know you don’t want to hear that. But it is true.

Things that are happening to our body are not a battle until we make it a battle in our minds.

Things that are happening to our body, or completely outside of us (divorce, job los, wayward children, etc) are neither good nor bad until we think something about them.

Today I want to share a letter I wrote to one of my clients.

In the past she has struggled with being able to love herself, unconditionally, no matter what she weighs.

She is currently frustrated with herself for her lack of motivation to eat better. She feels she is able to accomplish other hard things, but she can’t do this.

Before I paste the letter, I want to tell you why I am addressing weight and body image.

Why? Because no matter who you are, if you are a women, I would guarantee that you have spent time worrying about how you look and thinking that you are not good or thin enough.

No matter who you are, the time you have spent worrying about that is time you could have spent doing something more productive in your life. You could have applied the brain power used to battle those negative thoughts to solve other problems or spend time loving those around you.

I have worked with newlyweds, married, divorced and women who are getting married again, and none of them are exempt from these time sucking, self-loathing, damaging thoughts about their bodies.

My hope is that I can help you start to STOP this negative cycle.


Dear Friend,

I woke up thinking about you this morning.  This isn’t unusual or weird (my clients are always on my mind).  Anyway, I want you to be careful that you don’t think that something is wrong with you because you “can’t get the motivation” to eat better.  

You keep thinking this is negative.

It isn’t negative at all.

What you eat is neutral.

It isn’t good or bad until you think something about it.

Right now you have labeled food as either good or bad.

You have labeled your desire to eat food as either good or bad.

You have so much judgment.

Learning to see food as neutral will be key in you learning to love you exactly as you are AND reach the your goal weight.  

And by the way, you are not trying to reach a goal weight because you are unhappy with you.  You are trying to reach your goal weight because you can and it sounds like fun.  Not because there is anything wrong with you.

Do you see the difference?

Your amazing!


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