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For the last couple of years, I have been trying to find the perfect thought to redirect my brain to when I catch myself falling into the culturally driven “my body needs to look perfect” trap.

Let me explain.

One of the best things about discovering coaching was learning that I can believe anything I want to believe. About anything!

I have always just believed that how I felt about my body and the way it looks is just a fact.

But it isn’t.

I have internalized things that I have heard friends, family, Hollywood say over the years, and my brain has written an owner’s manual as to what my body should look like.  

I call this my Body Manual.

And the truth is, my manual is a lie.  

I decided a couple of years ago, when I found this work, that it was time to actually be intentional about what I wanted to believe about my body rather then just using the default manual I unknowingly created.

I have slowly chiseled away at some of my false beliefs like:

“I need to be thin” (what does that even mean?)

“I want to be healthy” (what does that even mean?)

“I shouldn’t have a muffin top” (says who?)

“I should weigh 125 pounds” (why?  Where did I even get that number)

“My fingers should be shaped different”

“I shouldn’t have such chubby cheeks (on my face or my bottom”)

“No double chins”

This exhausting list could go on forever.

But in a brain that is so deeply engrained with beliefs, the unwinding of all of these beliefs has been a very long process.

Until last week.  I finally stumbled upon a thought that seems to be fast forwarding my efforts.

I was listening to the Q.More podcast.  This particular episode was on modesty and Lindsay Kite, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and owner of the non-profit organization, Beauty Redefined, said something that is so simple yet was exactly the thought I needed to speed up the unwinding process in my brain.

She said, “Your body is an instrument, not an ornament.”  

This statement is just simple enough, yet full of peace and truth, that it is moving mountains in my head.  

My body has a work to do.  Every cell in this body has a job.  And these cells are all working together to help me do the work that I am on this earth to do.  

I have spent so much time thinking about my body and how it should or shouldn’t look.  Not because I have wanted to, just because I haven’t known how to stop.

But when I learned about coaching, l learned that it was possible to actually stop.

Could I spend time wishing I had discovered this work earlier and taken back so much wasted time on my negative thoughts and worries about my body?  Absolutely I could.   But I am not going to.  That would just be another time waster.  

I’m taking the tools I have learned and I am moving forward.  I’m not looking back.  There are a lot of amazing things I want to accomplish in this life.  Looking back will not help me get there.

So if you can relate to what I am saying at all and your ready to stop the incessant voice in your head about your body, this is what I want you to do.

1. Discover what is in your Body Manual.  

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and start writing.  Write down all the things you think your body should be. I gave you some of the things in my manual above if you need help getting started.  I could probably fill a notebook with my manual so don’t worry if your list is long.  

2. Start dumping those beliefs.  

Schedule a free Discovery Call with me and I can help you start unwinding your thoughts so you can free yourself from the constant negative body talk.

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