In America, as we celebrate the birth of our Nation, we celebrate freedom.

Freedom is a big word.  It covers so many things.  Freedom of speech.  Freedom of religion.  

Freedom, according to Webster, is the “power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

Though we have our freedom, many of us feel like we are trapped.

We feel trapped because our happiness feels dependent upon a circumstance or person that that we can’t control.

We get confused sometimes.  We think we could actually feel free from unhappiness or frustration if the people around us would change the way they act or behave.  We think we could finally be at peace if our ex husband would just keep his commitments.  We think we can be content if our children would just do what we think they should do.

If you can actually change the situation, then by all means, change it;  get a new job, move, leave.

But, changing circumstances is not usually an option.  Often times the situation causing us discomfort is another person and I am sure you have noticed by now, you can’t change another person. It certainly isn’t from lack of trying.  We actually try really hard to change people.  

Stop wasting your time and energy.  I doesn’t work.

But here is the truth.  “When you accept something you cannot change, you feel long lasting freedom.” Brooke Castillo

What we don’t realize is that it is our resistance to a situation that causes us pain.  And that pain causes us to act in ways that does not help us be the person we want to be.

Quit resisting.  Quit wanting people to change so that you can feel better.  Accept people for who they are.  Change the only person you can change:  yourself.  Change how you think people should behave.  Change what you think people are supposed to do.

This is freedom.  This is love.  This is happiness.

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