My Before and After Picture

Don’t we all love looking at “before and after” pictures of someone when they have lost a tremendous amount of weight or after they have had an extreme makeover?

I have had an extreme makeover and I wish I could show you my “before and after” pictures.

However, if I showed you a “before and after picture” of me, you would be very disappointed because they would look exactly the same. I look exactly the same.

But if I could show you a “before and after” picture of my brain and my emotional well being, I guarantee you wouldn’t even recognize me.

What sort of extreme makeover have I undergone?

Coaching. Life coaching.

I started making a list of all the things that are different since I discovered coaching. I don’t think I can even scratch the surface but I am going to give it a try.

I am much more calm.

I feel much more love.

I get so much more done.

I love me! Exactly the way I am. There may be some things that I would like to change, but not because it will make me like myself any more, only because I can if I want to.

I am so much less judgmental. This feels so liberating.

I am not right. Other people are not wrong.

I have accomplished some pretty major goals.

I do something almost everyday that is uncomfortable for me.

I am a great mom (I didn’t change the way I “mom” I changed what I thought about me).

I am a kind and loving wife (same thing, I changed the way I thought about me).

I am married to the most perfect person.

I am so much more creative then I was before.

I hardly ever get angry.

My kids rooms are a mess (some things don’t change) but I don’t care (this changed 🙂

I don’t give Lance the cold shoulder anymore.

My kids don’t do anything wrong.

I believe in Christ. I thought I did before. I have a totally different level of faith now.

My garden is a disaster and I am not uptight about it.

I can read words of criticism with out feeling shame.

I don’t want to yell at my kids.

I am so much more kind to myself.

I am quick to forgive.

I think people should be dishonest (insert anything here). Not because it is OK but because some people are and I don’t need people to be different for me to love them.

This is definitely not a complete list, but hopefully it gives you an idea. It actually blew my mind when I started taking my “before and after” inventory.

I love my life. I have always loved my life. But it is on a whole other level now. Not because my circumstances have changed. I have the same house, children, husband, income, and problems as before, I just look at life completely different now.

My extreme makeover has been amazing and it most definitely is not over. Every day I find something else in my brain to make over.

Being human is a beautiful thing.

Are you ready to start your extreme makeover? Let’s do a free mini coaching call and start your “Before and After”. Click this link to schedule your session. I only do two free sessions a week. Reserve your spot ASAP!

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