Worry pretends to be useful.

Worry pretends to be helping you solve some sort of problem.

The human brain likes to worry because it is wired to help you survive.

Your primitive brain thinks the worry is going to keep you safe.

Your brain is just confused.


It is something that just sucks away our limited brain power.

Time we could have spent thinking and creating something useful is wasted away on worry.

Stop worrying!

My clients will say, “How do you stop worrying?” Those thoughts just pop into your mind.

I tell them it is a matter of redirecting your thoughts. It is a matter of actually saying to your self, “I know you think it is important to worry. I’m learning that it isn’t useful. But I know it is important to you so I have scheduled time on Friday from 12:15-12:30 for you to get all of your worrying done.” (obviously you can pick the time and date 🙂

Here’s where you have to be boss. You have to not allow yourself to worry until the scheduled time.

If your an incessant worrier, you may have to tell your brain the above thought many times during the day. But over time, it will get fewer and farther between.

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