By now, if you have been reading my posts, you know that we do EVERYTHING in our life because of how we feel.

This includes every action you do or don’t do.

Knowing this means that we need to become a student of our feelings. We need to observe what we are feeling. Be curious about why we are feeling them. And then we must figure out what we are thinking that causes that feeling inside of us. Remember…it is never circumstances or people that cause our feelings. It is always our beliefs.

Now that I have reminded you of that basic knowledge, we can move on.

I am a christian.

I believe in Christ.

I believe that Christ gave his life for me.

He redeemed me with his blood.

He has already saved me from my sins. This is a gift freely given to all of us. Everyone has been saved from physical death. We will ALL be resurrected.

“Blessed be the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and REDEEMED his people.” Luke 1:68

In this sense, redeem is being using as an adjective. It was an action done on my behalf and your behalf.

If I have been redeemed; a gift given to me by my Savior, do I feel redeemed?

You see, redeemed can also be a feeling. It is something I can feel in my body. It is a feeling that starts as a belief and can drive all of my actions.

As a feeling, redeemed would be defined as:

  • feeling saved from the bondage of sin, and
  • having restored honor

Sit with this feeling for a minute. How does it feel in your body to feel redeemed? Where do you feel it? Is it soft or hard? What color would redeemed be? What does this feeling make you want to do or not do?

I feel alive when I settle into feeling redeemed. I feel it in my heart and in my soul. It seems to hit my very core. It feels soft and warm. I want to run and jump and play. I want to smile. I want to hug and laugh and love. I feel like I am in the mountains, surrounded by nature and all of His beautiful creations. I feel love.

If we have all be saved, if we have all been redeemed, why do we not allow the feeling of REDEEMED to reside with us always? Think of how amazing it would be if we allowed REDEEMED to be the creator of all or our actions. Imagine what your results would be. Imagine who you would be.

If I allowed my Savior’s act of redemption to let me feel REDEEMED and then consequently drive my actions and create my results, He would then still be my CREATOR, not just once, but everyday as His redemption helps me to intentionally create my daily life.

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