You Are Just Confused

Sometimes people say things that cause us pain.

Sometimes they say things that stick with us for a very long time. Sometimes forever.

Sometimes we allow those words to repeat over and over again in our minds. Sometimes we don’t even know that those words are interfering with other things in our lives but they do.

The problem is NOT that someone said something hurtful.

The problem is that we chose to believe their words. Then we allow those words to hurt us over and over.

This is ALWAYS the case.

The truth is, words can’t be hurtful. Nor can words be kind. They are just words.

Words only mean what we make them mean.

For example: I often frequently hear my brother-in- law call the teenage boys around here dummy. Any outsider might hear him say that and think that he is rude and unkind. But to the teenage boys, it is a term of endearment.

One of the gifts of being human is our ability to believe anything we want to believe. Even if there is a lot of evidence to prove it otherwise; we can still believe whatever we want so that we can feel anyway we want to.

I prefer to feel LOVE. Always!

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