Have you been offended by someone?

They said or did something to you that was hurtful and unnecessary.

“Who says things like that to another human being? Don’t they know how socially unacceptable that is? She is such a @#$%^! I am never going to speak to them again. They don’t deserve my friendship.”

The above are all thoughts that one may have after feeling offended. Feel free to add some of your own thoughts there.

When you think thoughts about someone in this manner, it usually leads to anger and resentment.

When you feel angry and resentful, it usually leads to avoidance, back biting or gossiping and tears.

It doesn’t feel good at all.

Ultimately you end up being the one acting socially unacceptable, you say things about another human being, and at that point, you really don’t deserve their friendship. You are doing the exact same thing to them as you feel they did to you.

The truth is, this person does not have the power to offend you. Only what you think about what they said or did can offend you.

Do you really want to give this person all the control over your emotions? You can’t even control your emotions, why try to give that job to someone else?

You can totally be offended if you want to. But just be honest with yourself about who the offender is.

Only you can offend you. Don’t blame it on someone else.

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