New Growth

I love that I live in a place where I get to experience all four seasons.

And I love all of them.

Spring is here and with it comes new growth. Flowers, trees, grass and shrubs, all of them start to grow and come back to life.

Why should we as humans be any different?

What if spring was the perfect time to make a fresh start?

Did you know that the only real truth in your life is you. Your flesh and bones. Everything else is just thoughts.

Really try and grasp that:

How you perceive you: thoughts.

How you perceive your husband: thoughts.

How you perceive your job: thoughts.

How you perceive your children: thoughts.

How you perceive anything going on outside of your person: thoughts.

What are you choosing to think? Is it helpful? Is it getting you what you want.

You have complete control over what you think. I know you don’t think you do, but just as the trees grow new leaves every year, so can you. You have that capability.

The first step is just discovering what you are thinking. I know it sounds simple but this can be the hardest part.

The second step is discovering how that thought is making you feel and the things that you are doing because of how you feel. Are you acting out in anger? Are you showing compassion?

Does it get you the result you want?

Here is the best part. Now you can decide if you want to continue feeling that way and getting the those results. If you do, then I would hang on to that thought. If your not getting the results you want, it’s time to be like the trees and grow.

If your ready to grow, I’m ready to help. Sign up for a free mini session! Maybe you know what you want to change and maybe you don’t. I know exactly how to help you figure it out. Let’s do it!

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