Personal Revelation

Sometimes life turns out different then we think it should.

These things are easy to accept when they seem small, but when it is something “big” it causes more pain.

Marriages end. People get fired from their jobs. You name it, big things happen.

Let’s specifically look at marriage.

You prayed to know if this was the right person to marry. You felt you received an answer, so you proceeded with the marriage.

Fast forward a few years and you are unhappy. He is unhappy. Your marriage ends in divorce. And maybe it doesn’t end but it certainly is not your definition of a good marriage.

Does that mean you don’t know how to receive personal revelation?

Does it mean that your Heavenly Parents don’t care about you?

Does it mean that something has gone terribly wrong?

Does it mean you are not good enough and you are being punished?

No, No, No and No! Let’s add one more No for good measure.

I want to look at the first questions or fear that I hear people have when their marriage has “failed” and they think they somehow made a wrong choice in their marriage companion and, that of course must mean that they don’t know how to receive personal revelation.

What happens when you believe you don’t know how to receive personal revelation?

You start to question all the decisions you have made in the past and then it keeps you from taking action in the future.

You don’t make any decisions.

See how that belief is totally not useful?

Choose to believe something that will actually propel you forward.

You know exactly how to receive personal revelation.

Personal revelation requires faith. And what precedes faith? Belief.

So you must first believe you can receive revelation. Then have faith in what you feel is right and act upon the prompting.

The result of your prompting when you prayed to know if this was the person you were supposed to marry must have been a good feeling or you would not have gotten married.

This marriage that you view as a fail, wasn’t a fail at all. Yes it failed to be what you expected, but who’s to say that it wasn’t exactly what it was supposed to be for you to learn exactly what you needed to learn for your full human experience?

There are a couple of other things that you are believing as well. By choosing to believe that you made the wrong choice and must not know how to receive revelation, you are also believing:

  • there is only one right choice
  • that we are never supposed to feel pain in this life
  • that people don’t have their agency.

All three of these things play a factor in what you are saying is just your inability to receive revelation.

You know exactly how to receive personal revelation and you will continue to know. Follow your heart. It does not mean that there won’t be pain or hurt but it will be exactly what you need to learn in this life.

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