Bad News: You Are Not That Powerful

We want to believe so hard in the thoughts that we have.

We want to believe that people should change.

We want to believe that there is an ideal weight we should be.

We want to believe that our husbands should go to church.

We want to believe that our child should not get suspended from school.

We want to believe that people shouldn’t fight.

We want to believe that our mother-in-law should not state her opinion.

Insert whatever you are believing really hard. If you don’t know what it is, it is probably the one thing that is causing you the most pain in your life at the present moment.

We want to believe these things because we think if we accept them for what they are, then we lose all the power to change it.

We think we are just giving up and giving in.

I want you to see that just the opposite is true. Not arguing with the reality of a situation is where the true control lies.

You have absolutely no control over the world outside of yourself.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you just aren’t that powerful!

If you try to argue that what is happening shouldn’t be happening, you will always lose. How do I know? Because it is happening.

The sooner you except that what is happening around you is exactly what is supposed to be happening, you take back all of your emotional control. You are not allowing someone outside of you to control you.

Now, you get to decide how you want to feel about what is going on, but saying it shouldn’t be happening is never useful.

Please note that I am not saying that you have to condone the behaviors of people around you or agree with them. It just means you are not trying to change them or push against what is happening.

“We can act from a place of peace and love and still move toward change. There’s so much freedom when we release resistance against our circumstances. This does not disempower us. Just because we’re not fighting or hating (which feels awful) doesn’t mean we can’t be an agent of change in the world.” Brooke Castillo

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