Don’t Be Selfish

One of the clients I am working with right now is really struggling in her marriage.

She feels so much despair and hopelessness.

She said she is tired of looking at her past to understand how they got to where they are, but she is ready to move forward.

We decided that it is time for her to create exactly what she wants in her marriage. She does not want to stay on the spin cycle she has been on for so long.

In order to get what you want, you have to dream. You have to decide what it is you truly want and then you make it happen. This might be on a personal level, it may be as a couple, it may be as a family. But we all get to create what we want to create in our lives.

When I asked her what she wanted, she almost froze. She didn’t know how to even go there. She has not thought about that for so long because, “you aren’t supposed to think about what you want. That is selfish.”

What If thinking it is selfish to think about what you want and desire is one of satan’s tools? What if it is selfish NOT to think about what you want because doing what you want and desire is actually your innate instinct, urging you to do something that will help you become what your Heavenly Parents desire for you to become.

What if you are a genius and what you want to do is what you need to do?

I think that is more accurate then thinking it is selfish to dream about what you want to get in life.

Satan doesn’t want us to be happy. He wants us to feel unfulfilled. He wants us to feel stuck, he wants us to feel shame for having a desire. He is all about the fear.

Our Heavenly Parents are all about the love. Anything that helps you to be happy and show up as your best self is exactly what they want you to be. How can it be selfish to be a happy person when happy people have the capacity to love those around them. Being happy promotes Christ-like behaviors. Being unhappy does not.

Dream big my friends. Decide what kind of marriage you want. Decide what your dreams are. Decide that it isn’t selfish it is the key to Christ-like love for all around you!

DISCLAIMER–There is one very important thing to remember: your dream must be about you and you only. It must be about things you are going to do and how you want to feel. Once it involves the actions of someone else, you lose power.

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