Why Do We Get Married?

Why do we get married?

Obviously love feels good and we want to spend the rest of our lives with the person that makes us feel that way. But to be clear, that person does not make you feel “love”. Only your thoughts make you feel love.

I also think there is another reason to get married. We are here on the earth to become our best self. I believe that our best self already exists within us. We are just here on the earth uncovering our humanness to get to our most perfected state. It will take a life time.

But there is one sure way to speed up that process of shedding your layers of humanness: decide to spend eternity with someone and then do the work required to make it a joyful experience. And to really take the fast train to shedding your humanness and all its flaws, add children to the mix. They will show you everything else that you need to work on.

You see, I think we have it wrong. We get married, we experience the challenges that come from meshing two different humans, and begin to think that something is terribly wrong when we don’t feel good all the time.

Guess what? We were meant to suffer! We were meant to struggle! We were meant to live with someone who can drive us crazy at times because that is when we start trying to figure out how not to feel that way and we shed some of our human layers. We get a little closer to our perfected state.

We think we get married to feel love and excitement all the time. And we do!

But we also get married to grow!

The best marriages happen when we decide to grow together.

When we look at it that way, we realize that the hiccups in our relationships, the struggles and trials we experience, are all part of the gig. Nothing has gone wrong.

These bumps in the road are only a problem if we make them a problem.

Marriage is supposed to be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is the fuel for achieving perfection!

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