Let’s Go On An Adventure

I have been stuck.

Consequently, I have been coaching myself really hard lately.

There are things I have been wanting to do in my business that I just haven’t been doing. I have needed to make some changes that required me to do things I don’t know how to do. I’m talking website stuff, facebook ads, email subscriber lists and then linking them all together and on and on. I know your probably thinking that sounds easy whats wrong with her? But that is stuff not my forte!

It seems I would need to make one change and then it would bring up a bunch of other problems that would need to be fixed. A total snow ball effect that I did not want to deal with. I won’t bore you with the details but I will just tell you that I have been completely overwhelmed. This is unchartered territory and I do not want to enter it.

I knew I felt overwhelmed, and I also knew that these “things” I needed to do DO NOT have the power to make me feel overwhelmed. It is only my thoughts about those “things”. In between the “things” and my feeling of overwhelm is a thought. There has to be because thoughts are what generate all of our feelings. My thought causing overwhelm and fear? “I am in unchartered territory and I don’t want to enter it. I don’t know what I am doing.”

That thought had me completely stuck in overwhelm. It was not helping me accomplish anything that I wanted to do. The only way I was going to get this done was to intentionally feel something else. How did I need to feel in order to propel myself into action?

I thought about other times that I enter into unchartered territory. One of my favorite things to do with my kids is to go on RV adventures. We leave dad at home (someone as to work:) and the kids and I take off. Our last adventure was just me and my girls. My husband and son had a backpacking trip for scouts they were going on, so we decided to go without them. We planned on going to the Northern California Coast but a couple days before we were going to leave one of my daughters suggested going to Banff, Canada instead. We live in southern Idaho so it would be about a 13 + hour drive. Last minute change…no problem. We headed off into unchartered territory and we had the best time! I can’t even begin to describe the joy and happiness that we experienced together.

So back to coaching. Both of these things were “unchartered territory” for me: things I had never done in my business and a place I had never been in my RV. But both of them resulted in a different feeling for me. Business territory resulted in overwhelm and stuck. RV territory resulted in me feeling adventurous and enthusiastic. I discovered that the thought “unchartered territory” had an additional phrase tagged on it in my mind when it came to the RV adventure. It was just that…the word adventure. “I am entering uncharted territory and it is going to be an adventure.”

I could have felt overwhelm and fear from going on a long trip in the RV with my girls alone. There are so many things that can go wrong. So many! And they have gone wrong many times on previous RV adventures; multiple flat tires, no place to sleep at night, and getting a bit lost, just to name a few.

When I think about it as an adventure I consider all of those things as part of the experience.

I decided that I needed to feel adventurous and excitement over the things I needed to do in my business that I was currently so overwhelmed by. “Yes I have never done this before but it is going to be an adventure and I will figure it out.”

And guess what?? I did! I wake up in the morning and tell myself I am going on an adventure and I will figure it out, and I have totally figured it out; and then some.

It blows my mind the power I have in my own mind, if I will just be intentional and think things on purpose.

Come on! What are you dragging your feet on doing? Let’s figure it out and get it done! Schedule a mini session with me. Its free and you will feel so adventurous (haha) for doing something you have never done before. You will blow you own mind about what you can accomplish.

Visit my scheduler to reserve your date and time and I will give you a call you then. It’s so easy. Tap below to schedule.


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