Happy Crappy New Year

One of the biggest mistakes we make in marriage, and life in general, is thinking that we should never feel a negative emotion.

We think that it should feel good all the time and if it doesn’t, something has gone terribly wrong.

As we enter a new year, I want to wish you a Happy New Year!

And did you know that part of being Happy is that we also feel pretty crappy sometimes?

It doesn’t sound very good to wish someone a Crappy New Year though.

But what would happen if you did?

Maybe you wouldn’t freak out when you or your husband lose your job.

Maybe you wouldn’t freak out when he doesn’t do things exactly like you would like him to.

Maybe you wouldn’t freak out when the baby cries all night and you don’t get any sleep.

Maybe you wouldn’t freak out when our sister in law says hurtful things to us…AGAIN.

I’m not going to keep going because, wow, why would you keep reading.  Just go ahead and insert all the crappy things you can think of.

If we just decided that crappy is part of the package that was wrapped up for us in this beautiful gift of life, maybe it just wouldn’t seem so hard or crappy, but manageable.

If we just excepted that crappy was part of the deal, then we would really get to experience this life.  Every part of our life.  We wouldn’t waste energy wishing time away but we would really live life.  Every.  Single. Minute.

Live 2019.  Love 2019.  Embrace 2019 and EVERYTHING that comes with it.


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