This Is Why We Celebrate

What if there were things you could never take back?


A world where every heartache lasted forever, where every wound never healed.

No auto correct.  No backspace.  No delete.

A world where man only drifts farther and farther away from happiness.  From peace.  From God.

That’s what the world would be like without a Savior.

Thankfully that world doesn’t exist.

Because one quiet night, long ago, in a tiny town, a child was born.

Born to change all hearts.  End all goodbye’s.  Fix all mistakes.

Born to overcome anguish, regret, depression, fear.

He understands you.  He heals us.

He can bridge the lonely gap between God and man.

And bring us home, if we let him.  If we love him. If we follow him.

That’s why we celebrate.  

That’s why we sing.

And that’s why he was born.

These are the words to one of my favorite Christmas videos on  It came out a few years ago and I listened to it over and over again because it perfectly captured the Savior and why we need him, it such simple and relatable terms.

Because I have a Savior I have already been saved!  That is the free gift that he offers to everyone!  EVERYONE.  Sometimes we forget that.  Sometimes we think, “Well that doesn’t apply to me.”  But it does.

Because I have a Savior, I can get up every day and start over.    That means I can let go of all the fear and self-judgement and judgment of others and just live my life IN THE SAVIOR today.

I can love me.  I can love others.  I can choose joy.  

I am so grateful I have a Savior.


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