How To Stop Being Annoyed With Your Husbands Bad Habits

When I wear my Apple Watch I am more active during the day.

Strange correlation but true.

I am not a stickler about how many steps a take a day.  I am a daily exerciser but my job also has me sitting for longer periods of time then I would like.  Hopefully the exercise and the sitting balance each other out.

I have noticed that when I wear my Apple Watch, I pay attention to how many steps I get in.  It’s kind of a game.

Funny thing happens though:  things that I usually find to be burdensome become a little easier to do.

I don’t mind running downstairs to grab something, cuz:  more steps.

I don’t mind folding laundry (devil job), cuz:  more steps (I jog in place while I fold:).

I don’t mind sweeping the floor, cuz:  more steps.

Why?  Because I am doing them for a reason.  I am doing them because it will add up to more steps.

Nope this post isn’t about taking mores steps in your day.  I use this story to make a point.

We need a reason.  We need a compelling reason for everything we do.

When the tasks at hand get monotonous and tedious, remember your reason for doing them.

When your husband has left the cereal box on the counter for the umpteenth time, remember why you are choosing to let it go.  Your reason may be as simple as wanting more steps so your glad for the opportunity to walk to the pantry for the 100th time that day.

Or maybe your reason is that you want to feel more love in your life, because loving feels better then anything.  Consequently, being upset over cereal boxes or dirty clothes or being late to dinner isn’t really worth it because you have a compelling reason to feel otherwise.

Whatever you are struggling with, be it a spouses annoying habits, wanting to exercise more or just checking things of your to-do list…figure out your compelling reason for dealing with it or doing it.

Compelling reasons are the best motivators.


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