It Is Impossible To Feel Someones Love

I recently returned from a trip to Europe.  It was amazing.

While we were there we attended church in Ghent, Belgium.

There was a man who spoke in sacrament meeting.   He said that he had spent his life wishing that he could feel the love of his parents.

It was clear that this middle aged gentlemen had spent much of his adult life wishing that things had been different between him and his parents.

My heart ached for him.

I wanted to stand on my chair and tell him that he was wishing for something that was totally impossible.

We are not physically capable of feeling someones else’s love for us.

It just doesn’t work that way.

No one can make us feel anything.  It is only our thoughts about what people say or do that create a feeling of love inside of us.

Love is just a word until someone gives it meaning.

If you want to feel love, then you have all the power with in you to create a feeling of love.

So I am going to speak boldly to this Belgium Gentlemen (who will never actually hear me:), if you want to feel love from your parents, sorry, it just isn’t possible.

What is possible is you rewriting the story that you have been telling yourself for many years.  And if your goal is to feel love, that story is not serving you very well.

We all have the power with in us to rewrite the stories that aren’t serving us very well.

What is your story?

PS:   Check out a few photo’s from my trip on my instagram feed (click image below).


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