What would you throw into the wishing well?

There is an old Nordic Myth known as the “Well of Wisdom”.

The Well of Wisdom could grant you infinite wisdom provided you sacrificed something you held dear.  (fun fact:  this is where the tradition of throwing coins into a fountain came from)

When I first heard this myth, I wondered wisdom I was missing out on in my life and what thoughts I could sacrifice to gain that greater knowledge.

It dawned on me that we all of a story or stories that we hold dear.  They are stories that we think keep us safe and moving in the direction that we want.

Let me give you an example.  This is not of any one person in particular.  It is just a generic bio of someone that we all probably know with these personality traits.

This person is one of the most faithful people I know.  She is an amazing example of love and service.

But she has this story that she thinks is keeping her safe but causes so much hurt and grief.

Her brain tells herself that she does not do anything right.  Her brain tells the story that she is worthless.

And she believes it.

She believes it because she thinks it is keeping her dependent on the Lord and that it will keep her on the right path back to our Heavenly Parents because she will keep doing good things to try and be better.

To some extent it is helpful in this regard, because she is doing good things.

But there is so much more she could do and become if she didn’t walk around thinking that she was a piece of trash.  Her relationships could be much more meaningful and she could be at peace.

She always needs to look to others to see if she is being “good” enough.

What does this look like?  In her mind it is constant comparisons with others and feeling like everyone else is better then her.  And that doesn’t feel good because she knows that she should not judge others.  This need to judge, so that she can feel better about herself, just makes her feel like more of a bad and worthless person.

But to other’s her story she holds on to about herself looks like passive aggression and self righteousness.  They see her asking judgmental and leading questions.  People withdraw from her and then she feels even more like trash because no one wants to be around her.

She gets upset when her children don’t do things they “should” do, because if they don’t, she thinks she is a bad parent.

What if she could just let go of this story that she was worthless?  What if she was able to love herself without all the judgements?

Then she wouldn’t need to ask such judgmental questions of other people.  She wouldn’t need her children to do exactly what she thought they should, because she threw that story down the Well of Wisdom.

Once she throws that story down the Well of Wisdom, peace will be her reward.  She can be at peace with herself and with others.

What is the story that is keeping you safe?  Come to a free mini coaching session and lets figure it out.  Click the link below to schedule your free appointment.

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