My family is forever

Last month, September 28, 2018, to be exact, I got an early morning text from my mom saying that my dad was in the ER having an active heart attack.  Words you never really expect to here.

I rushed to the hospital and was not followed to far behind by my sisters.

I am the oldest of 6 girls.  We have a brother that died when we were young, so we just had a house full of girls growing up.  Truth be known, we drove our dad to this heart attack 🙂

Anyway, four of us live in the Boise, ID area.  So do our parents.  The other two sisters live in the same town in Oregon.

Before I knew it, all of us Boise sisters were in the hospital and awaiting the arrival of our Oregon sisters.  We spent the next four days in the hospital together, awaiting dad’s open heart surgery.

As I sat there one afternoon I marveled at how different all of us are.  We all came from the same parents yet we are all so different.  However, we are the same in our love for each other.

And it also become very apparent that we each play a different role in our family.  One is gentle and just goes about getting all the little things done.  Another one of us is good at getting the really big and hard things done.  Some of us are good at lightening up the moments with humor and some of us are just calm and sit in the background for stability.

I thought about times that I wished that I was different.  I wished that I was the one that could make us all laugh.  I wished I was the one that just sees the little things and does them.

I decided that I have been wasting my time wishing I was different.  The part I play is very important and significant.  There is no such thing as different.  I’m me!  And my family needs all of me just like it needs all of the other “me’s.

Never has it been so apparent to me before that we needed each other exactly the way that we are.

Let’s quit wasting our time wishing we were something else and let’s just love on who we are!

And dad, thanks for taking one for the team, our team was so strengthened by all the time we got to spend together.

Families are Forever.

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