Perfect Love

Perfect love–I love this phrase.  

We often hear it in the terms of “unconditional love”.  But sometimes we confuse unconditional with letting someone walk all over us or be ok with someone’s actions when it goes against something we believe.  

I was first inspired by this saying when I was reading an article by Tom Christofferson.  He is the brother of one of the apostles in the LDS church. He is the author of a book entitled, “That we may be one.  A gay mormons perspective on faith and family.”

He said that his mother gathered them together as a family as they struggled to accept their differing opinions on his sexual identity.  She said, “As a family we are not perfect but we can be perfect in our love for each other.”

She continued to say, “The most important lesson your kids will learn from the way that our family treats Uncle Tom, is that nothing they can ever do will take them outside the circle of our family’s love.”

I used to think that it was not possible to love someone perfectly.

Then one day I read a book by Byron Katie.  My mind was changed for ever.

I learned that if we just ask ourselves some powerful questions and really open our minds and our hearts, we can love perfectly.

It feels so much better to love then to feel angry.

Isn’t it interesting that we intentionally choose to feel a negative emotion.

We think it is the person or their actions that make us feel negative.

It is not!  It is only our thoughts about what the did that cause us pain.

We can love people with “no strings attached” kind of love.

We can love with “no judgement” kind of love.

We can love with “no expectations” kind of love.

What would your relationships look like if you were able to remove all expectations and just love them because it just feels better to love?



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  • Cheri hessing

    This thought is helping me today and it’s just what I needed. Profound and inspired! Love you!

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