There Is Opposition In All Things

There are a lot of hopes and dreams that accompany you in a new marriage.  Family, professions, your home, travel, adventures.  You certainly have lots of things in mind.

But, it is pretty much guaranteed that your life with not go as planned.  We dream about the perfect scenario.  We believe that if we just live our lives in line with gospel teachings, our lives will be just fine.

What happens then when something happens, and our perfect life is no longer going according as planned?

Somebody betrays you?

You lose your job?

Your spouse seems to be changing.  He isn’t the person you married.

The list is absolutely endless.

But the reality is that things happen to us that are outside of our control.  

Why? Because we are all here on this earth and we chose Heavenly Father’s plan.  We believed in free agency.  We believe that because we are humans, we all have the right to make our own choices.  We have the right to act any way we want to.  Problem is, so does everyone else.

What does that mean?  That means we are going to hurt.  

We are going to feel uncomfortable.

The problem is that we think there is something wrong when we do feel uncomfortable.  We think we should NOT be feeling this way.  But guess what?  We are absolutely supposed to feel that why?  Same reason as before, because we are human.

Because we are here on the earth there is supposed to be opposition in all things!  So why do we freak out when we experience an emotion that we perceive to be negative?


Your spouse lost his job.  This job loss brings immediate feelings of fear.  You fear for your future.  

How does fear feel?  Like how does it feel physically in your body?

It doesn’t feel very good.  Personally my stomach gets uneasy and my chest starts to pound.

Because we feel that way we think that something has gone terribly wrong and we panic and feel anxious because we don’t like feeling that way.  Everything starts to escalate.

What if we just remembered that there is supposed to be opposition in all things.  Translation:  We are supposed to feel uncomfortable about 50 percent of the time.  Get it?  Opposition means 1/2 good and 1/2 uncomfortable.

I call it the Fifty Percent Rule.  Fifty percent of our lives are going to be hard and uncomfortable.  Just plan on it.  Learning to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable is the key to success here my friends.

Being able to really feel uncomfortable is also key to really feeling the joy.


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