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This week in my “What If Wednesday” email, I shared with my amazing readers about B- work.  They are doing awesome things in their lives.  Working 2 jobs, planning weddings, learning how to be a wife, going to school.  You name it, they are doing it. They are amazing.  These readers magically get awesome tidbits of info about becoming their best selves, delivered to their inbox every Wednesday.  Thanks for helping to make this world a better place!

As children we are raised in an education system that emphasis A+ work.  Always do your best.  Problem is, thinking that we need to aim for perfection is not very helpful and causes a lot of anxiety.

We are so afraid of failing and not getting the A+ (I know we are no longer getting graded in your life, but the top mark still dangles in front of us like a carrot).

Thinking we need to be perfect makes us so afraid to fail.  But failure, my friend, is how we learn.  It is how we grow.

I had a client who has dreamed about writing a book.  He also claims to be a perfectionist.  Perfectionism and writing your first book don’t really go well together.  No one gets anything perfect the first time.

We have these noble thoughts like, “If I can’t do it right, then there is no reason to do it.”

Ready to hear something hard?  Perfectionism is for scared people.  It gives us perfectionists an excuse to not take action and put ourselves out there.  I am one of those scared people.  But I am learning and coaching myself around it.

Instead of requiring perfection, what if we just aimed for B- work.  Decide that your just going to go out there and try it and it isn’t going to be perfect.  Most likely you won’t meet your perfection expectation.  Chances are you will fail.  But thats OK.

Those fails mean that you are actually closer to accomplishing what you want to do.

But it is going to be different this time because you are not going to beat yourself up for the lack of what you perceive as perfection.  You are going to have your own back and see that you are perfect at trying!

Doing it is better then never even starting.  You will never accomplish your goal if you never take the leap.

Take the leap!  Come to a free mini session and let me help you take that leap.  I promise, you will be so happy you did.  I know it can feel scary to share vulnerable info out loud.  But I assure you, this is a compassionate setting and can be light and fun!  There is no pressure from coming…only empowerment for you!  The link below gives you access to my calendar to schedule your own appointment.  I will give you a call on the date and time you reserved!

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