“Did I make the right choice”

I asked my awesome “What If Wednesday” group a question this week.  I am using their answers for a project I’m working on.

I asked them to tell me what their biggest frustration with their engagement or marriage is.

Some of the responses I got involved a version of them thinking that maybe they didn’t make the right choice in the person they were going to marry or the person they did marry.

I responded to their emails with some things that would be helpful, but I figured that some of you may have the same pain point, so I would share it with you as well.

Here was one of my responses:
“If I had to guess, you keep looking for your husband to prove to you that you made the right choice in marrying him.  You want him to do certain things and behave in certain ways that confirms to you that you totally made the right choice.  But that kind of feels helpless at times, cuz, people don’t always act the way we want them to.  And guess what, they don’t have to.
You can totally decide, right this very second, that you made the right choice.  President Monson once said, “Choose your love; love your choice.”  That gives you all the power to feel great about your decision.  You totally made the right choice.  How do I know?  Because thats the choice you made.  Your decision was perfect for you and for him.  It was exactly perfect for what you needed to learn in this life!”
Questioning our decisions is never helpful.  It just leads us to confusion or anxiety.  Neither of those feels very good and consequently we don’t act the way we would like to act.
So of course we think we married the wrong person because we don’t like the person we are being.  We think it is their fault, when really it is all our own thoughts that are leading to our actions.
What if you decided to “Choose your love; love your choice.”  Who would you be?
Wondering what my “What If Wednesday” group is?  Its a group of awesome people who want to strengthen their marriage and get a little extra attention from me every week.
They get a little love and helpful life tidbits delivered to their in-box each Wednesday.
Want to be part of this group?  Here’s the link:
Plus it comes with a free downloadable booklet that I created.  I think you’ll love it.
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