If you follow me on instagram you got to see some of my photos from our impromptu trip to Banff National Park in Canada last week.  My husband was on high adventure with my son for the week, so my girls and I loaded up the RV and decided to head north.

We stopped to lay over in northern Idaho and go to an amusement park up there on Monday night.  First thing we hit was the wooden roller coaster.

My youngest daughter gets a little nervous on roller coasters.  We were sitting on the track waiting for it to start and she looked rather frightened.  

I said, “Summer, you know it isn’t the roller coaster you are afraid of.”  Your afraid of how you feel when you ride the roller coaster.  The roller coaster can’t make you scared, only your thoughts about it scare you.”

And then we raced off and rattled, out of control, around the wooden track.

For you it might not be a roller coaster that makes you feel nervous or scared.  It might be your new job, a class in school,  an upcoming event or talk in church.  Maybe its even your own wedding.

I promise, it isn’t the any of those things that has you scared.  Your only afraid of how you are going to feel.  Period.

That seems pretty harmless now doesn’t it.

I have found so much peace in my life from learning this concept.  I want everyone to enjoy that same comfort and knowledge.  All you have to do is click on the link below and I can offer you some relief from that fear or anxiety.

I know it seems scary to talk to someone you have never talked to before.  I know you may not have a whole lot of time to spare.  But guess what, I’ve got you.  It is so easy and quick.  Give me 20 minutes and we can move mountains…or at least one of the mountains that is in your way.  By clicking the link you will be directed to my calendar where you will get to schedule your own session.  I will call you on the day and time of our appointment.  EASY!



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