The Marriage Mountain

I spent the last week of June in the Sawtooth mountains with about 200 teenage girls.  I am the Stake Young Women’s president right now and our presidency was in charge of girls camp.

(Side note–In the mormon church, our congregations are divided geographically and called “wards”.  Those wards are grouped into a larger organization called a “stake”.  So as Stake Young Women’s president, I have stewardship over the teenage girls, age 12-18, from 8 different wards.)

As part of our activities, we wanted to take the girls on a challenging hike.  We wanted them to experience something difficult and see that, with the help of the lord, they are able to accomplish hard things.

So we hiked.  We hiked 3.7 miles with a 2,000 foot elevation gain, to a lake.  The lake and the peaks around it, were spectacular.  (So if your counting that means we did almost 8 miles by the end)

I sat and talked with a small group of girls as they ate their lunch.  I told them to look around and take in the beauty.  They were seeing a part of God’s world that most of the people on the earth will NEVER see.  But they get to see it because they were willing to make the effort.  They were willing to struggle up the mountain.

I love comparing this to marriage.

Marriage is something that many people in the world will experience.  But I would dare say that most of those people will  not experience a good, thriving marriage.  They will just go through the motions, repeating what they saw their parents do.

You can totally have the typical marriage or your marriage can be spectacular.  It can be like something you have never seen.  But it takes some effort.  It takes doing things a little different.  It takes skills.


What are you doing to strengthen those marriage skills?  What sources do you go to?

One of my main sources of strength comes from prayer to my Heavenly Father.  I put my trust in him.  However, I don’t just put my trust in him that he will create the amazing marriage I want.  I trust that he will guide me to the sources I need.  He will guide me to knowledge and tools and skills I need to improve.  And it doesn’t just stop there, once I find the tools, then I keep stepping forward along the trail by applying them.

These tools are all around.  Look for them.  If you need help…ASK!


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