Who do you hold responsible for your emotions?

I was talking to a close friend yesterday.

I told her I had recorded my first podcast!  I’m so excited!  I’m hoping to launch my “Mindful Marriage 101” podcast in the next couple of months.

When she asked what my first episode was about, I explained it was about our childhood dreams of marriage and looking forward to the time that we get married and how those dreams can cause some heartache once we are really married.

We alone are responsible for our happiness.

She had how interesting that was and that she is realizing that she makes her husband responsible for her feelings of peace.

You see, we don’t just hold people responsible for our happiness, but like my friend, assign the responsibility of our emotions to different people every day.

Maybe we think it is our mom’s job to make us feel courageous to try to new things.

Maybe you have assigned your best friend the responsibility of giving you confidence.

Have you given your children the job of making you feel like a good mother?

Is it your husbands job to make you feel desirable or lovable?

See where I am going with this?

It’s like passing out a bouquet of flowers to each of your people (whoever your people are).

Before long you have given alway all of your flowers…all of the responsibility of your emotions and your left with no control.  Your left with out any flowers.

For you to be a full, beautiful bouquet of flowers, you need to take all of those individual flowers back.

Don’t be in a rush.  Do it one at a time.

The first step is to be curious and notice who you make responsible for certain emotions.





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