Difficult people step 3: What do you expect

Whether it’s a “soon to be” mother-in-law, a sibling, or a neighbor…we all have people who are challenging for us to be around.

Today I am giving you the third step in working on relationships with people you find difficult to love. Here’s a quick review:

Step 1: be unkind and let out all your mean and nasty thoughts about them by doing a thought download.

Step 2: circle all the things you wrote about them that are also true about you.

Step 3: Today’s post–write down all of your expectations for this person. What do you most want them to do? Be specific and don’t allow yourself to edit what you want them to do. Even if you don’t think it’s possible for them to do it, but you would like them to, write it down.

Once you have done that, ponder and write down what you would be thinking and feeling if they did all those things perfectly.

This next step is important. Notice that you can think and feel all of those things anyway. Whether they meet all of your expectations or not, those thoughts and feelings are still available to you.

come back next week for the final steps! Have a wonderful memorial weekend.

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