Difficult people step 2: Be “unkind” and then “judge”

My last post struck a cord when I told you to be unkind and dump all your nasty thoughts about someone down on paper.

I promised to give you the next step in this process of learning to love someone who can be challenging.  This is a process I have learned from Brooke Castillo and one I find super   helpful so I wanted to share.

Judge!  What?

Yep, look back through that list of judgments you have made about them and notice which ones could also be true about you.  Circle them.

Examples from my own personal thought download about somone:

  • I think she is dramatic…I am being dramatic about her dramatacism (that should be a word:)
  • She always seems to be thinking about herself–I have one issue with myself that I am constantly think about.  Therefore, I am always thinking about myself.
  • She Always thinks she got the short end of the deal–I struggle with that too
  • She sees everyones flaws–I am seeing all of her flaws

Most of the judgements we make about other people are usually projections of how we see ourselves.

Important!  Don’t judge yourself.  Don’t get all hard on yourself because you see some things that you may not really care for in yourself.  Isn’t it fascinating!

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