Difficult people step 1: Allow yourself to be “unkind”

I coach myself everyday.

This week I have been examining my thoughts around a certain individual that I struggle with at times.

One of the most powerful tools in understanding your relationship with someone is to do a thought download.

So I dumped all my thoughts about this person on to a piece of paper.

I was brutally honest.I wrote all my nasty and unkind thoughts about this person down. The things that frustrate me and annoy me.

I had a hard time doing this because “a kind person would not think this way.”

But i kept going, despite my feelings of shame and you know what…an interesting thing happened…in allowing myself to really write what i felt, my heart was softened and i felt some of the tension go.

We may think it is unkind to do such a thing, but it is actually the kindest thing we can do because it is an important step in learning to love them unconditionally.

Next step…coming soon! But for now just be curious why you think all those things about this person. Don’t judge yourself…just be curious!

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