What “I love you” means

I was coaching an engaged client this week.

We were talking about the phrase, “I love you.”

She told me it isn’t actually those words she likes to hear, its what they mean to her.

WAHOOO!  She totally gets it!

She continued, when he texts me before bed and says “I love you” it is just nice to know that he is thinking about me.  That I am the last thought on his mind as he goes to bed.

It isn’t the words…it what you make those words mean!

You see, he could have said those words and you could have thought,, “oh he’s just saying that out of duty”.  

Those words would not be as endearing to you, not because of the words themselves, but what you make those words me.

Make them mean something that serves you well!

It feels so much better.

You get to write your own story…

each and every day,

word by word,

thought by thought.



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