Life doesn’t always go as planned

I spent my week sick.

This was definitely not how I had planned to spend my week.

I have a husband, four children and all their activities and needs, a home that I like to keep clean, church responsibilities, a new business with some deadlines I am trying to meet.  Laying around is not on my list.

Sometimes life just does not go as we plan.  And thats OK.

Being annoyed with the situation that is taking you “of course” will not help anything.  In fact, it only makes it worse.

Whether your planning a wedding, being a mom, writing a book, organizing your home, studying for a test, writing a paper, making a business decisions…whatever it is, I promise there will be some hiccups.  Things will not go as you planned.  Once again, thats OK!

When life sends a little hiccup your way and you have the same 24 hours in a day that you always have, spending your time dwelling on what has gone wrong just takes your brain power away from creating all that will go right!

What if what you perceive to be “wrong” is actually the best thing that could happen?

I like to believe that everything happens for a reason.  The universe is always working together for my benefit.  Thinking that it has gone wrong is never helpful.

I love the thought, “Nothing has gone wrong here.”

That thought always helps me create something even better then I was creating before the hiccup!

I can help you make the best of those hiccups…whether big or small!  Come to a free mini session.  Click the link below to schedule your free 20-30 minute phone session.

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