Why “wanting” is better then “shoulding”

I think back to my engagement.

I truly believed in my heart that I had received an answer that Lance was the person I was supposed to marry.

I honestly believe there are many people we could choose to marry and make a happy life with.

Obviously we want to choose the person who makes it easiest to feel all the things we want to feel in a relationship…love, commitment, excitement, security…etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally believe we are responsible for all of our feelings.  We can’t look to anyone to create those feelings for us.

However, certain people do make it easier for us to create those feelings.  Do that!  Commit to the one person who makes it the easiest.

I believe that Heavenly Father knows better then I do what will make me happy.

My engagement was one of those things.

I wasn’t quite on board with it yet.

I had a mission call and some other circumstances that had me skeptical about the promptings I felt I received.

Just to clarify (for lance’s sake)…I totally loved and continue to be madly in love with Lance.  He is amazing and I knew I could never find anyone who would treat me better.  It had nothing to do with him.  I just had some personal thought struggles.

I went forward on faith.  Faith that I was supposed to get married to this person at this time.  So, I was going to do it.

I believe that is reason enough to move forward

However, there comes a time when you just have to OWN IT!  Looking back it would have been so much more fun!

I would tell myself, “this is what I’m supposed to do so I am going to do it”.

How different it would have felt if I would have said…”This is what I want.  Heavenly Father seems to think this is a good thing to do, so, I want it too!”

Coming from a place of “I want this” feels so much better then “I’m supposed to.”

“I want to get married in the temple” feels so much better then, “I’m supposed to get married in the temple” or “I should get married in the temple.”

“I want to marry Chris” feels so much better then, “I’m supposed to marry Chris.” (as a side note, it seems that “C” names were quite popular in the 90’s because almost everyone taking my pre-marriage course has a fiancé or husband with a “C” name and about 4 of them are named Chris:)

“I want to graduate from college” feels so much better then “I should graduate from college.”

“I want to get a job” feels so much better then, ” I should get a job”

Own it my friends!  Whatever it is, don’t “should” or “supposed to”.

Do it because YOU want to!

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