The real reason why you feel loved

What does your husband or fiancé do for you that makes you feel loved?

Bring you flowers?  Tell you he loves you?  Gives you shoulder rub?  Does the dishes?

Did you know that your hubby, or soon to be hubby, can’t make you feel loved?

And you definitely should feel loved…but that loved feeling is coming from your thoughts.

You think its because he is slow to anger, or the sweet “pick me ups” texts, or that they work hard, or listen to you that you feel loved.

But it isn’t.

Let me show you.

Some people might feel just the opposite if someone did those things for them.  They may feel smothered, or offended.

The things they do for you can’t make you feel loved until you have a thought about it.

You make it mean that he loves you.

Why is it important know this?

Because since this is how love works, so does any other emotion.

Anger, frustration, irritation…its only your thought about what they are doing that makes you feel angry.

This is such good news because it gives you all the power to feel better when you want to.

I’m not saying that we don’t ever want to feel angry.

I’m just saying that it should be your choice to feel a certain way.

If not, you are handing over your emotional power to someone else.  Why would want to do that?

Letting someone else be in charge of how you feel is exhausting and feels hopeless.

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