Is it possible that there is something more for you?

I was sitting in a room today.  The lights were on and it felt very bright and enlivening.

After sitting there for a while, the lights turned up.

Suddenly it was brighter then it had been before.

Funny thing was that it didn’t feel dark before, but once it become brighter, the previous light didn’t feel nearly as bright, invigorating or enlivening as the newer intensity of light.

I thought this was so interesting.

This is so much like our lives.

Sometimes we are content.  We may even get a little complacent.

We are happy.  Not necessarily needing or looking for anything more.

Like the light.  I had no idea it could be brighter and feel better.

Sometimes we think we are good.  We have no idea there could be something more.

But what if there was something more?

If your happy now, it seems impossible for there to be more.

I promise there is.

As humans we are on this earth to evolve to our best self.

I think that evolving to our best self takes a lifetime.

You have more life ahead of you and definitely the capacity to evolve to something better, something happier,

What could possibly lie ahead for you?

Why wait, make it happen!

Schedule a mini session with me to discover what your “brighter light” could be.  Give me 20 minutes on the phone and you can brighten your life!

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